Skylanders Ring of Heroes Cheat Codes, Tips & Strategy

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Skylanders Ring of Heroes Cheat Codes, Tips & Strategy

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Cheat Codes, Tips & Strategy

Kaos implemented a plan to take over the portals and rule Skylands with the dark power of Book of dark magic

Skyanders Ring of Heroes is a turn-based RPG where you assume the role of a Portal Master who has landed in Skylands, a place where the people live high above the earth in mystical floating islands.

The game challenges you to put together a team of Skylanders by combining their skills that is powerful enought to deafeat Kaos, an evil Portal Master who has disrupted time and space using the Book of Dark Magic. There are over 60 different Skylanders available to choose from, each of which has a specific role with a unique skill and belongs to one of 10 elements with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Join Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor and many more of your favorite Skylanders in this epic adventure of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

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Tips & Strategy For Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Use Gems

Regularly check the mailbox or complete missions to earn gems. Then make sure you use these gems to refill energy. You can also use gems to summon but it is recommended that you instead use wish stones.

Leader Skills

Make sure that the character you place in the first slot in team formation has a useful leader skill that will benefit the team. You will discover that most of the characters have a leader skill and you can always check to see what it is in the ‘Character’ menu by tapping the character followed by the skill and then the skill icon.

Repeat Stages

There is no way of getting around it, to progresss in the game you will need to constantly repeat old stages over and over so you earn EXP for your team characters and soul stones so you can power-up and evolve them. EXP and soul stones can be obtained from Adventure mode battles.

Elemental Advantage

Each element is strong, weak against a specific element so when you find yourself struggling in a close battle look to take elemental advantage by checking the enemy’s elements and then choosing your strong element character so that you can deal extra damage.

Follow the Quests

Instead of building things up manually it is advised that you follow the quests as completing them will enable you to acquire Stealth Elf fragments, gems, red potions, scrolls, and gems.

Natural Characters

There are several 4-Star natural characters you can obtain through Adventure battles. Focus on upgrading these characters when you get them as doing so is easy.

Don’t Upgrade Low-Star Runes

Try to progress as far as you can without upgrading the runes. When you reach the high-level stages you will be able to get 4-Star or higher runes, these are the runes you should focus on upgrading.

Letter secret password code Skylanders Ring of Heroes

  • 0dfl9FdhIlHmoCe – soul stone
  • bQndc9q8PqQA0Nd – premium summon
  • lvuJK210DIx8svj – energy
  • 8SYAI9COyQi9Pog – level up
  • vg0Rs4taAB76BD9 – upgrade
  • 4N42G6CSbP6kmPt – gift box
  • jZWd1s4pDsuTxSm – evolve
  • fnSvla6VzjHZIEB – awaken
  • RH7Ov2CRKEXuZXu – rune
  • GPsH8sNjLWhKN0n – gold
  • PkhcXq0zBxkvXYt – almighty
  • qcWQgoBWH9Cpoih – gear1
  • oyhcQ6svlgcDrol – diamonds gem1
  • nWGLmt0pbSLGSql – crystal

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