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Rich Women In Africa | Top Richest Women In South Africa

Rich Women In Africa | Top Richest Women In South Africa

Rich Women In Africa | Top Richest Women In South Africa

Gone are the days when a woman’s place was believed to be in the kitchen and for maternal purposes only. Today, women in our country have created a name for themselves contributing to the overall South Africa net worth.

For instance, Wendy Appelbaum is the richest woman in South Africa with a net worth of R 2.6 billion.

Wendy is not the only industrious woman in South Africa as there are several ladies who have succeeded in many sectors of life proving for a fact that what a man can do, they too can do better.

It does not matter the manner in which some of these women have acquired their wealth, as some have worked for it while others have inherited it. Most importantly is that women are now big decision makers in South Africa’s economic landscape.

Are you a woman who needs inspiration on how to succeed in the world of business? We believe the following list of 10 richest South African celebrities who are women will motivate you.

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Wendy Appelbaum

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Wendy Appelbaum is the wealthiest woman in all of South Africa with an estimated net value of R 2.6 billion. She has also featured among the richest women in Africa. Wendy is a celebrated business lady and the owner of DeMoergezen Wine Estate that she purchased with the help of her spouse, Hylton Appelbaum. It is believed that the wealth she has accumulated is as a result of the influence of her husband. Apart from this, Wendy is a benevolent business lady who offers huge monetary contributions such as the R 50 million she donated to help the establishment of Donald Gordon Medical Center as well as the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Wendy Ackerman

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Wendy Ackerman, the wife of Raymond Ackerman, is the second richest woman in South Africa. Her net worth is valued at R1.9 billion while Raymond Ackerman net worth is estimated at R545 million. Most of Wendy’s surging wealth is closely attributed to the Ackerman Family Trust which owns a 50% stake of Pick N Pay. Wendy Ackerman works as the non-executive director at Pick N Pay, which is operational in several nations like Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Irene Charnley

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Irene Charnley first became famous after her role as the negotiator under South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers. Moreover, she has held various executive positions in numerous giant corporations. Currently, Irene is the non-executive Director of Firstrand Limited, non-executive Director of MTN Group as well as the Director of Johnnic Communications Limited. Irene Charnley net worth is R1.5 billion.

Bridgette Radebe

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Bridgette Radebe is not only one of the richest black women in South Africa but also an industrious black woman who has managed to create her portion of wealth through entrepreneurship. In fact, she is considered as the richest black woman in South Africa by Forbes Magazine and at one time she was on the list of the 20 Most Powerful Women in Africa. Bridgette Radebe net worth is estimated to be R 1 Billion and her entrepreneurial success is believed to stem from her father’s role in the mining sector. Bridgette works as the executive of several companies but is mostly recognized for her post as the founder and executive chairperson at Mmakau Mining Limited.

Elisabeth Bradley

richest women in south africa
richest woman in south africa
sa top 10 richest

Elisabeth Bradley falls on the list of SA top 10 richest women. She is the daughter of Albert Wessels, who is the businessman that first introduced the first Toyota vehicles in South Africa. Currently, Elisabeth works as the non-executive chairperson at Toyota SA Limited. Previously, she was the executive director at AngloGold.

Judy Dlamini

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Dr. Judy Dlamini is another hardworking black woman in South Africa’s economy. Judy is not only a medical physician but she is also an active player in the boardroom. Dr.Judy serves as the chairperson of Mbekani Investment Holdings as well as top companies like Aspen Pharmacare Holdings and Anglo American where she is a member of the board of directors.

Moreover, she heavily invested in several industries like real estate, logistics and tourism. Judy Dlamini net worth is currently valued at R124 million which places her as the second richest black woman in South Africa. Dlamini is also educated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Nonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube

richest women in south africa
richest black woman in south africa

Nonhlanhla is famous for her role as the creator and chairperson of the Rural Housing Loan Fund and Women for Housing. All her wealth is self-made and this has made her as one of the richest black women in South Africa. Currently, Nonhlanhla is estimated to have a net worth of R94 million. 8. Mamphela Ramphele Mamphela Ramphele is another woman befit to be among the richest women in South Africa. Mamphela is not only a medical doctor, but also a top activist and researcher.

Moreover, she has also served in the top managerial position in giant companies like Remgro Limited, Gold Fields, Capital Ventures Limited, Gold Fields and World Bank. Presently, Mamphela Ramphele is on the board pf directors for firms like Anglo-American, Mediclinic, Standard Bank and Transnet. Having been named as one of the wealthiest black women in South Africa, Mamphela Ramphele net worth is estimated at R93 million.

Christine Ramon

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The name Christine Ramon is not a new one in South Africa’s business world. This is because she is an industrious woman with several high ranking posts at various companies such as Johnnie, MTN, Sasol, Lafarge, and Anglo Ashanti. Because of her executive roles, she was once named South Africa’s most powerful businesswoman. Besides this, Christine has received several accolades in her professional careers such as the 2009 Most Influential Woman in the Petrochemicals industry and the BCompt Honors. At the moment Christine Ramon net worth is estimated at R49 million.

Murendwa Mmabasotho

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Murendwa Mmabasotho is one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa. She is just 28 years but has invested considerably in several sectors such as logistics, internet café, and printing. Murendwa owns PMN Properties, an organization that buys land then develops properties that are either sold or rented. Murendwa is widely recognized as a modest lady who is a perfect role model for young ladies.

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