New Google Adsense Policy | Everything You Need To Know As A Publisher

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New Google Adsense Policy | Everything You Need To Know As A Publisher

New Google Adsense Policy | Everything You Need To Know As A Publisher

Over the years, Google Adsense has been bringing smiles to the face of online publishers by putting food on their table. Applying for adsense was ‘tough’, getting approved was ‘tougher’ but the ‘toughest’ was how to stay without being penalized or banned by Adsense. Imagine what it feels like for you not to receive your salary for about three months or imagine being fired by your boss for life. Feels bad right?

Now, due to the strict rules and policies that some online publishers could not keep as they (the publishers) had no idea of some of these policies, people started looking for google adsense alternatives. At the end of the day, most of them usually come off to say they still prefer Google Adsense to any other ad network.

Some of the most common reasons why Google Adsense account got suspended was because of black hat tricks that some publishers used. Example of such black hat trick is the adsense vpn trick. Although some publishers did their best to keep the Google Adsense Policies, they still got suspended and such publishers do regret trying their best to keep the rules/policies.

Over the years, the Google Adsense team has always updated their policies but most times, it does not still suit the regular Google Adsense publisher. The latest of such policy update was made in the last quarter of 2018 and it is sure putting smiles on the face of publishers.

Google has confirmed that Google Adsense will not ban your accounts from now anymore. Google Adsense will now look into the age of the Adsense publisher account. And instead of terminating the whole account for a life time, they will just suspend for a time being. These changes can really change the life of a bad time blogger. If suppose some one is click bombarding your Adsense ads, your account will not be terminated now, it will be just suspended until your issue is fixed by Adsense.

Google Adsense New Policy

Google is also making a change to its AdSense policies that will require every new site to go through a verification process in order to display ads.

This means AdSense publishers who intend to place ads on multiple sites will now have to add each individual site to their account.

Then each site will have to go through a two-part verification process.

The 2-Step Verification Process

In the first part of the verification process, AdSense publishers will have to prove that they either own the domain they wish to place ads on or have the ability to modify its content.

The second part of the process involves Google reviewing the site for compliance with its AdSense Program policies.

Once Google has reviewed a site and approved it for publishing AdSense ads it will be marked as “Ready.”

What This Means

As part of this change, the “My Sites” tab will be renamed to “Sites” and moved toward the top of the menu so it’s easier to find.

According to Google, other than the “My Sites” tab being renamed, the majority of AdSense users will not be affected at all.

Those who end up being affected will most likely be asked to help Google find the correct ad code when they add a new site.

Google says it’s making this change because improving the quality of its AdSense program makes it more attractive to advertisers.

In turn, this should also end up benefitting those who publish AdSense ads.

New Google Adsense Policy Changes

And of-course there will be same rules and requirements to get Adsense approval for the first time. Earlier getting a Adsense account approved was the most difficult task. Seeing the past few Google TOC, I don’t think it will be that difficult in future. So now the Adsense users are not bothered of pissed of loosing their Adsense accounts for life time. Happy moments for bloggers and web entrepreneurs i would say. Lets check out the Google Adsense changed terms of conditions for re-considering a approved Adsense account.

  1. From now, Adsense will look into the account age of the publisher.
  2. Instead of terminating the Adsense account for a lifetime, it will be just suspended until the issue is resolved.
  3. New and more detailed appeals form was created to appeal for lost Adsense account.
  4. Google Adsense will provide more transparency with enough details on invalid activities via email and Adsense console.
  5. Google has expanded their Adsense Academy in detail.
  6. Adsense will launch few series of Adsense tips for this specific topic.

Though Google Adsense will not ban your accounts from now, you still should be careful to get click farming on your sites.

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