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Inspirational Happy New Month Messages For Loved Ones & Bosses

Inspirational Happy New Month Messages For Loved Ones & Bosses

Inspirational Happy New Month Messages For Loved Ones & Bosses

Happy New Month everyone! This moment may come a dozen times every year, but there’s no denying the flicker of excitement that awakens in our hearts when we are reminded of a new beginning and a chance to start another chapter of our year yet again.

It feels like a dozen second chances to make that change we so deeply desire, to finally keep that promise to ourselves we keep on avoiding, to quit that habit, to take that first step into the unknown, in becoming that person we so long to be.

It’s a dozen chances to refresh our lives or to start again and I hope these messages inspire you to do so. Here are best collection of Inspirational Happy New Month Messages. Feel free to share them to your special someone, friends and relatives and cheer them for the new month.

You will love these Inspirational Happy New Month Messages, Quotes And Prayers. They are specials and are perfect to be sent as sms messages to your loved ones, friends, colleagues or boss at the beginning of a new month. They will be grateful for your thoughtfulness and you will be glad you did.

  • Hurray! It’s a new month. A month to be great. Embrace the month with enthusiasm. Be alert for new opportunities. Utilise them passionately. You will succeed. Have a great month ahead.
  • In this new month, may you download joy, laughter and blessings unlimited. May you find reasons to rejoice every day of the new month. Have a great month ahead.
  • The journey to success begins with a step. Take that step this month. Believe in your dreams! Go ahead and Achieve them! Have an amazing month.
  • Here’s wishing you seconds of joy, minutes of gladness, hours of laughter, days of blessing and an altogether amazing month. May it be your best yet. Happy new month.
  • You are an Eagle in flight, headed for greatness. No one dares stand in your way this month. Go and do exploits. Happy New Month.
  • Happy new month, beautiful sweetheart, may you be all that you were meant to be this month. May grace and favour find you out and elevate you to greatness.
  • The world awaits you this month honey and you’ve got so much to offer. May this be your best month yet. May you smile all through. Happy new month.
  • May new opportunities find you out. May your name be echoed in the corridors of greatness. May you shine brightly my love. happy new month.
  • Anyone who underestimates you has not seen what you’re capable of and does so at his risk.  Go this month darling and be awesome. I love you.
  • You’ve got it in you baby, the stuff it takes to make the world better. You never cease to amaze me. Be you this month, be great. Happy new month.
  • I would serve you the world on a platter, but you need the fulfillment and satisfaction work gives. So here’s to a month of work and fulfillment. May the Lord bless you with pleasant surprises. Happy new month.
  • May long awaited opportunities locate you this month. May every past failure be forgotten and replaced with outstanding success. Happy new month.
  • Look within and find the inspiration to forge ahead this month. I’m counting on you darling and I know you’re capable of greatness. Happy new month.
  • You have my support, whatever you set your mind to achieve this month. Go ahead and do it. I believe in you. Happy new month.
  • You’re the best woman for the job. Go kick ass baby. I’ve got you and nothing short of success shall be yours. Happy new month darling.
  • Happy new month to my super amazing strong woman. May this month bring you all that you desire and may we have cause to rejoice. Have a great one.
  • I’d wrap you in my arms all month long but we gotta eat baby. In other words, it’s time to get going. Cheers to a productive month ahead. Happy new month.
  • A new month is here, an opportunity to love you better than the past months. May our love be renewed daily and our joy be full always. Happy new month my love.
  • May you be blessed in the mornings, may you be blessed in the nights. Throughout this month, may your head attract blessings and your life attract favour. Happy new month my love.
  • I’ll love you forever baby. Throughout this month, I’ll be the peace you’ll come home to. God bless you sweetheart. Happy new month.
  • No matter how tough or rough it gets this month, I’ll be right here by your side, supporting you, cheering you on. May the love of God envelope you and give you the assurance you need to forge ahead. Happy new month.
  • You’re the sunshine in my days, the joy I look forward to each night. You’re my sugar pie and I love you totally. Here’s to a great month ahead baby. Happy new month.
  • Wake up sleepy head, It’s a new month already and it’s going to be awesome. You know why? Because we’re facing it together. We will weather every storm together. Happy new month darling.

  • All those dreams you shared with me baby? Well, it’s time to go accomplish them. It’s a new month, may it bring joy, may it be productive.
  • You’ve got so much stuffed in you. You’ve got so much to offer the world. Keep pushing until the world notices. Make your mark. I believe in you. Happy new month.
  • Go for gold this month, go for excellence. You deserve nothing less baby. Happy new month.
  • Dare to be different this month. Dare to stand out. Dare to be the one with a voice. Dare to shine! I love you dear. Happy new month.
  • No matter what this new month brings, I pray you will always have reasons to be thankful. May it be a blessed one for you. Happy new month.
  • No one can stand in the way of a moving train. This month, you will be unstoppable. You will not be conquered. Have a great month ahead.
  • Make every second of this new month count. Be amazing as always! Have a great month ahead.
  • Forget about the failures and discouragements of the past. This month is an opportunity to be better. Look ahead! Look to greatness! Be great!
  • Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of this month and all the days of your life. May you never lack any good thing in life. Happy new month my dear friend.
  • Forget the past, embrace the future and the possibilities it presents. Be super excited about opportunities ahead. Have a great month.
  • No one stands in the way of a champion. No one will stand in your way this month darling. Go on and prosper. May this month mark the beginning of greatness for you. Happy new month.
  • It’s a new month darling. Go ahead and be awesome. Go make me proud as always. Have a fantastic month.
  • You’re the leader of the pack. Your dedication to duty is contagious. Looking forward to working with you this month boss. I believe in you. Happy new month .
  • Working with you boss is one of the greatest experiences ever. I look forward to each new month with you. Happy new month.
  • You inspire us to want to be better. You’re the best boss ever. Happy new month.
  • You’re the inspiration we need to be our best always. You’re the perfect, worthy example and I don’t want to ever let you down. Happy new month boss.
  • Here’s wishing a wonderful, thoughtful boss the very best of the month. Have a great month ahead.
  • I always look forward to a new month working with you. You give life direction. Happy new month quintessential boss.
  • Even on your worst days, you’re still better than the best of us. You are amazing boss. Happy new month.
  • It’s great to be on your team. You inspire us to greatness and we always want to be the best we can be. Happy new month.
  • I’m looking forward to another month of your mentorship. You’re the best teacher and I trust in your abilities. Happy new month boss.
  • No matter how tough it gets this month boss, we’ll be here with you, supporting you. Happy new month.
  • I admire you boss. You’re all shades of awesome. You’re a mentor jn whom I’m well pleased. Happy new month.
  • I wish you a productive month, a month of results and achievements. Happy new month quintessential boss.
  • I promise to do my best this month under your able leadership. Will be counting on your productive leadership as always. Happy new month boss.
  • A new month is here. Another month to do us proud. I believe so much in you darling. May you find strength in your weaknesses and grace in unexpected places. Have a great one.
  • No one deserves to succeed more than you, my hardworking man. May all your efforts count and amount to good success. May you find courage and strength to overcome every life’s challenge. Happy new month.
  • The Lord crown your efforts this month and establish you as the head. May every of your dreams come true. God bless you my darling. Have a great month.
  • Get up sleepy head. A new month dawns. I’d love to wrap you in my arms all day long but duty calls. So get along and do great things. May your light shine brighter and brighter. Happy new month.
  • My knight in shining boxers, may you unwrap packages of wonderful blessings every day of this month. Have a great month ahead.
  • May God’s grace be sufficient to see you through this month. May joy, favour and peace be yours throughout. Happy new month.

Happy New Month SMS Messages Wishes

  • I believe in you darling. I trust in your amazing abilities. You have so much to offer to the world. Shine brightly! Happy new month.
  • As you go this month, may favour court you and blessings line your path. May you have fresh ideas and refreshing inspiration. Happy new month darling.
  • See possibilities this new month, see opportunities. My desire for you is that you prosper greatly. I’m rooting for you sweetheart. Happy new month my darling.
  • Last month didn’t turn out as expected. But we can’t let one bad experience get us down. I’m positive this new month will better. Give it your best shot darling. Have a great month.
  • Forget about the failures of the last month. It’s in the past. Here’s to an amazing month of possibilities. I’ve got your back baby. Happy new month sweetheart.
  • Go for excellence. Be the best you can be. I believe in you dear. May every of your efforts count towards success. Happy new month.
  • Happy new month to an amazing man. Your best is yet to come. May you hit your targets perfectly this month. Go and prosper.
  • Your labour this month will be sweet. Your harvest will be bountiful and your soul will be satisfied. May every of your dreams come true. Happy new month my dearest.
  • As you go this month in pursuit of excellence, know that you have the backing of a woman who loves and believes in you. It shall be well with you. You will excel greatly. Happy new month.
  • You’re tougher than every challenge you may likely face this month. You have great potentials within. You are way stronger than whatever comes to you. Happy new month my darling.
  • I know firsthand the exploits your hands are capable of doing. Do exploits this month my darling, make me proud as always. Be great.
  • This month, may you be the shinning diamond in the midst of this miry world. May your brightness surpass that of the sun. Happy new month sweets.
  • I know how had you work, this month, may the breakthrough you truly deserve locate you. This month, you will surely smile. Happy new month.

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  • Go in your strength this month, go in your might. The Lord backs you, I’m right behind you. You will not fail. You will excel and have cause to be thankful. Happy new month.
  • There’s a fire within you. Go ahead, light it up. Be anything you want to be. Be great. Have a beautiful month ahead.
  • No matter how tough it gets this month, keep going. No matter how hard it gets, keep pushing. Success will come for you like the groom for the bride. Have a great month ahead.
  • Let your purpose consume you this month, let passion distinguish you. Go for excellence! Do have a blessed month ahead.
  • May you have an amazingly productive month. Happy new month dear friend.
  • Three things you should hold on to this month; your faith, your courage and your smile. Have a super happy month.
  • You’re an embodiment of virtue. A creature per excellence. Let the world taste of your awesomeness this month. I believe in you dear friend. Have a great month ahead.
  • May you rise and shine above every shame and disappointment in this new month. May you have cause to rejoice and celebrate. Happy new month.
  • Think smart, work smarter. Achieve greatness. Happy new month.
  • Every day of this month and beyond, may you unwrap packages of pleasant surprises. Have a beautiful month ahead dear friend, no one deserves it more than you.
  • Opportunities hide in unexpected places. Like they say, opportunities come dressed in work. Be alert for opportunities. Be ready to get down to work. Have a great month ahead.
  • Do not be afraid to shine this month. When you shine, you invariably give others permission to do the same. Shine! Shine brightly! Have a super month.
  • The world awaits your manifestation this month. Go show the world the stuff you’re made of. Shine brightly! Shine without permission. Happy new month.


  • As the new month presents you with opportunities and choices to decide on, may God grant you discernment to make the right decisions. Have a great month ahead.
  • May you be celebrated beyond measure this month. Have a great month ahead.
  • May all your endeavours this month yield good success. May none of your efforts go to waste. Have a great month ahead.
  • You need to downsize your ego this week so we can get along. It won’t stop me from wishing you a happy new month anyway. So here’s wishing you a great month ahead.
  • You’re such a big pain, but we achieve great results together. So here’s to another month of results. Happy new month colleague.
  • Holler teammate, it’s a new month. May it be great for us. May we top every chart. Happy new month.
  • May all your efforts this month yield fruitful results and may you have cause to be thankful. Happy new month colleague.
  • We work so hard, we strive so hard. May we prosper this month and have reasons to smile. Happy new month.
  • May rich reward attend our labour this month. God bless you colleague. Happy new month.
  • In this new month, men will gather to celebrate you. Happy new month.
  • This new month, may you be blessed with blessings from above, the kind of blessings that makes everyone gape in awe. Have a beautiful month.
  • May ceaseless opportunities abound for you this new month. Every of your past failures will be converted to success. You will find a way where there seems to be no way. Have an amazing month.
  • The past month was awesome. Let’s do it again this new month. It sure will be super. Yaay! Let’s go face it. Happy new month.
  • Working with you is one of my greatest experiences ever. I look forward to this new month of working together. May you begin and end the month in gratitude. Cheers to a great month ahead.
  • You’re one of the best people to have on a team. You’re a strong link on our team and I rely on you. Let’s make every second of this month worthwhile. Have a great month ahead.
  • Happy new month to my favourite colleague. I look forward to working with you this month. All I see ahead is greatness for us. Have a wonderful month.
  • We did it last month. We can do it again this month, even better. Let’s be awesome together. Happy new month.
  • With you, work is fun. Let’s do it again. May all round success be ours. Cheers to a great month ahead.
  • You’re a smart worker. Your dedication to duty is inspiring. I look forward to a productive month with you. Have a great one.
  • Working with you is so refreshing. I look forward to every work experience with you. May our efforts this month yield good success. Here’s to a great month ahead.
  • Here’s wishing a colleague turned friend a great month. Be the best you can be this month. Be productive. I believe in you. I’m counting on you.
  • We’re a great team, we’re family. We’re unbeatable. Here’s to a great month of success and super achievements. Happy new month.
  • Last month didn’t turn out as we hoped. Trusting that this month will be better. Here’s to a month of possibilities and positive change. Happy new month.
  • I hope you have put last month behind you already. We’re gonna give it our best shot this month. This month will definitely be better. Let’s do greatness. Be positive.
  • Shake off the blues. Activate success mode. It’s a new month. Victory all the way. Have a great one.


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