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Highest paying Jobs For Lazy People Around The World

Highest paying Jobs For Lazy People Around The World

Highest paying Jobs For Lazy People Around The World

We all know that the normal 9am-4pm jobb schedule can be annoying and stressful. Looking for jobs that seem out of this world that pays well? If the answer is Yes, then below are jobs you would definitely like to do as they require minimal stress but gives a decent wage. Some of them sound unbelievable tho.

Professional Cuddler

For those of you that love a good cuddle, this profession has your name on it.

What better way to spend your day than embracing people that really need a good squeeze? Professional snugglers are paid to climb into a stranger’s bed (it’s all platonic – no funny business allowed) and give them a good ol’ cuddle. And the best part is that you get to stay in your PJs all day!

Average Rate: Up to $80 (£57) per day

Fake Businessperson

If you fancy flying to China and throwing on a fancy suit and shaking the hands of important business people, you can do just that – and with an all-expenses paid trip, too! While not very ethical, it’s ideal if you’re looking for a high-paying side gig!

Average Rate: $1,000 (£710) per week

Hotel Tester

Fancy staying in a luxurious hotel and testing out their facilities? If so, this low-stress job is right up your alley! All you’ll need to do is inspect each hotel with X-ray vision and write a detailed report at the end of your stay!

Average Rate: Up to $120 (£85) per day

Video Game Tester

This is, quite simply, the ultimate profession for gamers who want to stay at home and play video games for a living before they even reach the mainstream market. As your experience increases in the role, so can your wage.

Average Rate: Up to $14 (£10) per hour

Breath Odour Evaluator

If you have a good sense of smell and don’t mind getting up close and personal with people, you can earn big bucks by smelling participants’ breaths. Companies that manufacture mints, chewing gum, toothpaste and mouthwashes hire freelancers to smell mouth odour and let them know if their products are working.

Average Rate: Up to $64,000 (£45,500) per year

Professional Slacker

Did someone say a free holiday with no added responsibilities? That’s right: travel company TUI was looking for a so-called fakeation specialist not too long ago to basically laze around all day on the beach, read a book (of their choice) and get paid for it!

Average Rate: Unknown

Professional Binge Watcher

We can’t think of anything better than getting paid to binge-watch TV shows all day and get paid for it! Netflix, the online streaming service, is currently looking for an editorial analyst who will be responsible for watching shows and movies, writing a short description for them and adding them to the appropriate category and genre.

Average Rate: Unknown


If you’re fluent in a second language and fancy working from home, you can get a gig translating documents. As long as your grammar is up to par, you can get paid to sit in your PJs all day and translate the text you’re given into another language.

Average Rate: $22 (£15.60) per hour

Beer Taster

If you love drinking beer (and who doesn’t?), you can actually get paid to get drunk for a living by sampling different brews and rating your overall experience.

Average Rate: $142 (£100) per day

Ostrich Babysitter

If you prefer working with animals rather than with people, this job is right up your alley. You’ll earn good cash doing exactly what the job title suggests: watching over cute baby ostriches.

Average Rate: $20 (£14) per hour

Chocolate Taster

If you’re a chocoholic, you’re in luck! Eating chocolate for a living is actually a real job. The best part is that the sugary treats are free, too!

Average Rate: $24,000 (£17,000) per year

Professional Apologiser

If you don’t mind saying sorry, you can do this for a living in Japan. Apologisers are hired for the sole reason to say sorry on behalf of someone else. Although it might be a bit ridiculous, you’ll get paid a lot for it!

Average Rate: $60,000 (£42,660) per year

Professional Sports Fan

Are you a sports fanatic that gets really invested in a game? If so, you can get paid to watch sports matches with other people to get them really into it so they can fully enjoy the experience.

Average Rate: Unknown

Hair Boiler

Curly wigs are made by professionals who boil hair to give it that curly look. If you’re unmotivated and don’t mind carrying out the same task on end, this part-time profession might be a great choice.

Average Rate: $15 (£10) per hour

Chicken Sexer

If you don’t mind playing with chicks all day, you can get paid to identify the sex of baby chickens. This unique job is perfect for introverts who want an easy-going career.

Average Rate: $60,000 (£42,660) per year

Food Critic

Getting in the catering scene can be challenging, but once you’ve made it, you can get paid a lot of money to critique food and write reviews for a living.

Average Rate: $88,000 (£62,580) per year


If you’re talented in performing, and not much a fan of talking, you can rack up the cash by working as a mime. All you need is a bit of face paint and a nautical top paired with suspenders!

Average Rate: $28 (£20) per day


Many lazy geniuses have jumped onto the YouTube bandwagon by making short, easy-to-watch videos and achieving huge returns in the process. Some good video editing skills will come in handy to ensure the content meets your audience’s needs.

Average Rate: $7.6 (£5.8) per 1,000 views

Dog Walker

Getting paid to hang out with man’s best friend is probably the dream job of every dog lover out there. You’ll first need to do some groundwork to build a strong circle of clients, but you’ll soon be on the road to doggy success.

Average Rate: $30,800 (£21,900) per year

Furniture Tester

If you’re a couch potato, this is the perfect job for you! You literally get paid to sit around all day testing different furniture and giving your expert opinion on comfort levels, quality and price.

Average Rate: $36,580 (£26,000) per year

Luxury House Sitter

Luxury house sitters get paid to house-sit for clients while they’re away on holiday. The best part is that you’ll usually be left with a fully stocked fridge, too!

Average Rate: Up to $45 (£32) per day

TV/Movie Extra

Hanging out on the set of a big blockbuster or your favourite TV show sounds like a breeze. And who knows? It might just be the start of a very lucrative acting career!

Average Rate: $13.50 (£10) per day

Mystery Shopper

Are you quite opinionated and always judge store displays or customer service? If so, you can get paid to go undercover and rate different products or services. You just need to make sure you don’t get caught!

Average Rate: $125 (£89) per assignment

Food Taster

As a food taster, you’ll be hired to sample foods like ice cream, cakes and snacks, and evaluate them based on smell, taste and consistency. The downside? You only get to eat just a little bite.

Average Rate: $30,000 (£21,300) per day

Test Subject

If you have the time, you can take part in clinical trials where you act as a human guinea pig for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. You get paid to stay in a clinic and have different tests done so experts can test any side effects.

Average Rate: Over $1,000 (£710) per test

These jobs are definitely outside the box but if you want to do something that’s fun, easy and that brings in the money, then why not follow one of these careers?

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