Getting Through Your First Long-Haul Flight

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Getting Through Your First Long-Haul Flight

Getting Through Your First Long-Haul Flight

A lot of people have had at some point in their life had a feel of what is like to travel by air be it on a plane, cable car or an helicopter.  If the first sentence doesn’t sound like you then you probably belong to the set of people who still long to know and have a feel of what it is like to travel by air.

If you still feel left out, then you are either one of those who dread to travel by air due to , flying phobia, flight phobia, aviophobia (fear of being on an aeroplane (airplane), or other flying vehicle, such as a helicopter, while in flight) OR one of those who will not/and cannot fly due to some ‘personal reaasons’.

Whichever divide you belong, this post will surely interest you as it has you in mind. And you will sure have no course for regret when you’re done reading this post. For those of us who have been on a plane before, we always have a story to tell in addition to the normal myth such as The wing of the plane might fall off or something.

For those who still anticipate to be on a plane, never to worry, a time will come when your dream will come true and if you have no plans of being on any flying object, we will still tell you what it feels like to be about 30000m altitude above ground level.

Enough for the introduction, lets get straight to the deal of the day. But lets start with the basics.

What Is A Long Haul-Flight?

In aviation, commercial flights are often categorized into long-, medium- or short-haul by commercial airlines based on flight length, although there is no international standard definition and many airlines use air time or geographic boundaries instead. Route category lengths tend to define short-haul routes as being shorter than 600–800 nmi (1,100–1,500 km), long-haul as being longer than 2,200–2,600 nmi (4,100–4,800 km), and medium-haul as being in-between.

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Some school of thought will simply tell you that long-haul flights are flight that simply span 6-12 hours.

Below are some airlines categorization for long haul flights;

  • Japan Air Lines defines routes to Europe and North America as long-haul and all other flights as short-haul.
  • Air France defines short-haul as domestic, medium-haul as within Europe/North Africa and long haul as the rest of the world.
  • American Airlines define short-/medium-haul flights as being less than 3,000 mi (2,600 nmi; 4,800 km) and long-haul as either being more than 3,000 mi (2,600 nmi; 4,800 km) or being the New York–Los Angeles and New York–San Francisco routes.

Getting Through Your First Long-Haul Flight

Long  flights may seem a big deal both for first timers on air as well as people who travel frequently. Imagine sitting down in a lecture theatre filled with friends and people you see often for 2 hours? Now imagine sitting in a waiting room for 5 hours waiting for your prospective employee to come for the interview? Now, that sounds a bit closer to how you would feel sitting on the plane for a long haul flight.

First thing first, carry along every thing that will make you comfortable so long as it is allowed on the plane, this may include; earphone, iPods, Mp3 player, sleep mask etc.

Try not to reserve a sit for yourself anywhere close to the exit row. You will thank me for this later. DON’T JUST TRY IT. You can can get up and walk around whenever possible but you wouldn’t feel quite comfortable while sitting there because you may have to sit next to thick exit doors, which may encroach on your leg area which can make you sit sideways throughout the flight.

  • Dress for Comfort
  • Hydrate well the night before the flight, preferably with electrolyte drinks.
  • Don’t drink alcohol the night before the flight.
  • Avoid diuretics such as coffee, soft drinks, and even chocolate (all of which contain caffeine).
  • If you have no issue with ulcers, take a baby aspirin the night before and day of your flight.

The rest are basic

  • Avoid a queue, check-in online! Most online check opens 24 hours before scheduled time of departure (STD) and closes 1 hour prior to STD.
  • Arrive early. Airport check-in closes 45 minutes prior to STD.
  • If you have already checked in online, airport acceptance of baggage closes 35 minutes prior to STD.
  • Do not place Laptops, iPad, power banks, e-cigarettes, medications and other fragile/valuable items in your checked baggage. Remember to keep them in your hand baggage.

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Goodbye!!!  Bon Voyage!!!  Adiós!!!

Enjoy your trip!!! Profitez de votre voyage!!! Disfruta tu viaje!!!

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