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Business Ideas | Best Stay at Home Business Ideas For You 2019.

Business Ideas | Best Stay at Home Business Ideas For You 2019.

Business Ideas | Best Stay at Home Business Ideas For You 2019.


The world is changing daily and the online market is rapidly increasing. People no longer need to take long walks to their offices or stay hooked up in traffic in the early or late hours for work rush. The trend is working at home and in little or no time, employers will loose their employees as a result of this revolution. What are you doing at home with your time or Do you have plans of leaving your current job due to pressure you can no longer cope with? Whatever the question may be, you can become your own Boss and make your sitting room or even your bedroom your office.

Want to know how? Don’t be in a hurry, take a chill pill and read what we have for you on stay at home business ideas you can start in 2019. You can also read Over 10 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital

Freelance Writing

A freelance writer in the simplest term is one who writes publications for individuals, magazines media houses etc. for cash without being employed by any particular firm.

Being a freelance writer is quite great. You need to have a vast knowledge of so many things within, around and far away from you. Being a freelance writer entells being your own boss in the writing business. As a freelance writer you will need to have some skills like being good in writing and research, willing to broaden your horizon and able to work under tight schedules as you may be ‘forced’ to write for several different publications at a time. The more diverse a writer can be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their work.

Ghost writing is a good pursuit for freelancers looking for money and willing to forgo a byline. Websites are always on the lookout for quality freelancers, too. Create a website to promote your freelance writing business.

The amazing thing about freelance writing and ghost writing is that most of the most popular journals/novels we read are written by them even though other peoples’ name appear as the author. You can register on fiverr to get customers to write for. You can also try out as many blogs as possible for clients. Once you are well known and established, you will not necessarily need to hunt for clients anymore.

Bead Making Business

Bead making is one of the businesses that is silently increasing the cash flow of many young Nigerians. Some of the major things about the bead making business is creativity and passion. You can learn the skill from someone who is already in the field or you can go for online tutorials to broaden your knowledge. Which ever way, bead making is one of the sure ways of increasing your cash flow this year.

Graphic Design

This may sound way too common. You may feel there are many graphic designers out there, why is this still on the list? Well the fact is the sky is bring enough for every single star to shine. One thing about this line of business is that you have to come out with something unique BUT guess what, no matter how ‘ugly or bad’ you think you will be in design, someone out there will appreciate your work.

Entrepreneurs are on the rise in the country currently, they need logos for their start ups, key into this, offer them the graphic services they need and make your own money before they even start making theirs.

All you need do is just get a tutor or register in a graphic design (computer  school) and learn the basics and make awesome superworks from there.


Hey there! When last did you take a baked item, be it meatpie, burger or something? There you go. I have met a couple of people especially ladies and I usually try to talk about baking with them and they keep asking me, Who will buy my stuff when there are other bakers out there that have made their name. The truth is that some people just prefer home made options to some industrial stuff.

You can start baking, go door to door in the streets of your estate and with time people will start making pre-order trust me. Get your hands working and make those tasty stuff and make good money as well.

Makeup Artist

This is becoming quite handy these days. Everyone wants to look Pulchritudinous. What’s your take on helping someone rub a cream on their face, setting a foundation there and getting paid at the end of it all? Cool right? I rest my case on this.

Sewing Business

Sewing business is one business a whole lot of people dread. Once you tell someone you are a seamstress or tailor, the look on their face changes sometime because tailors are known to be experts when it comes to disappointment. Have you ever thought of why tailors disappoint? Well, maybe because they are a few tailors out there who know what they are doing and are good at it and most times they don’t meet up schedule because of the high influx of customers.

Sewing is lucrative, learn it and start earning. Do your bests and come out with your own brand and stand out.

Decorating Service

Ever gone for an event and upon entering the event hall you feel like you are a step closer to heaven because of the breathtaking decorations? Now when you enter such places and your battery is low, believe you me you would not like it because you will definitely like to take pictures.

Now how about being the one doing the decorations? Sounds good right, decoration service is a good business to start up. It pays and it makes you happy making others happy (if you know, you know).

Soap/Deodorant Making

Soaps, creams, deodorants are some of the things we use on a daily. A couple of locally made soap are spreading and competing favourably with the big names. Soap making is a lucrative venture and you wil do yourself a great deal of good if you venture into this.

Gardening Business

There is this trend now I don’t know if you have noticed it. Most decorations now in public buildings and some private buildings are replacing artificial flowers with natural flowers. Starting a garden with variety of adorable flowers will do the job. You’ll turn out to be a major dealer someday. Try something.

Personal Chef

I have actually talked about this in my previous post on 10 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital and that will not stop me from saying this again. Mum is a good cook but what happens when I go to my house and I feel lazy to cook because of some work load? Don’t misunderstand me please, I myself I’m a super good cook. But sincerely most times I buy my food from vendors (Hey! Not the type of vendors you’re prolly thinking). This is different, here, you make your order and the meal is prepared and you get served in your home. If you have about 5 people you cook for daily, and you make 2,500NGN daily, calculate your salary for the year ended.


Hope you know reality is not a business (just saying). Ehm, I have taken some time out to pen down some of these business ideas and I have tried to make it look quite cool and easy. Believe me, startups are NO easy tasks, it is not for the faint in heart, it is not for people who want to be calling others Boss all the days of their life, it is not for people who want to spend the res of their lives being scared of getting sack letters. It is for people who are ready the great price of sacrifice, endurance and persistence to make sure the future is bright for them and their kids (born or unborn).

Challenges are sure to abound, but one thing is certain. With the creator, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Started something and you feel like giving up, don’t think of why you started it (because chances are you just wanted to try something) think of the future, 3-4 years from now, where will I be, HOLD ON NEVER QUIT. QUIT QUITTING. PATIENCE IS KEY

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